Our History


The first textile industry

Prato, 1960s. It feels nice in summer and cool in winter. The Tuscan hills surround the city, while a host of small entrepreneurs and artisans refine their skills in the textile world.

Edo Rindi is one of them: he has his own laboratory, he manufactures fabrics for furniture, and he has created his own small business. But whenever he is free he rushes to the largest cinema in the city where he spends hours and hours watching American films. There are love stories, the Far West, Hollywood divas. He dreams of the United States, America, and the journey to distant and unknown places. He wants to give color to everything he has so far seen in black and white on the big movie screens.

Edo has an idea in mind.

From Prato to the States

One night, as he walks down the dark streets, a thousand thoughts cross his mind: worries about the workshop, a trip to places he has never been, being far from home.

But he feels the strong urgency to face the path that could change his life.

The Tuscan entrepreneur touches the ground in New York for the first time and, from that moment on, everything will change.

The return to Italy

Edo returns to Italy full of suitcases brimming with furs.

He has decided that he wants to take the America he saw with his own eyes to the European peninsula.

He is the first to do so.

Noble and upper middle-class ladies hasten to his workshop from all over Italy. From North to South they take trains to Tuscany only to discover which new garments the entrepreneur from Prato has in store for them.

They comb through the coats imported from America, they select the most comfortable, elegant ones that best describe them and with a smile on their face, they return to the big cities to show off their furs with their friends.

A few years later Edo understands that the time has come to create his own garments, his own furriery.  Therefore, he stops importing from the United States of America and creates his Made in Italy.

He produces his own Rindi furs with all-Italian experience and historicity, expanding his market to the four corners of the earth.


Italy: cultural value

Made in Italy does not only mean Italian production, it means above all culture.

The Rindi garments are Italy, Tuscany, and its hills, the scent of the vineyards, the taste of the wines, the art squares, and the paintings in the galleries.

Rindi is the experience and heritage of a country that has excelled in the world of fashion and luxury. Rindi is what abroad they call Italy.

In every creative moment of the Rindi collections, from the design of the garment to its realization, every collaborator, every person who works on the production of the garments, brings with them the cultural background that allows Italy to be told in every little detail.

Tenuta Corbinaia: Rindi luxury

Rindi is luxury in all its spaces.

Tenuta Corbinaia is the place branded Rindi that hosts weddings, ceremonies and luxury runway shows.

Monica and Brunello, owners of the fur fashion house, know every aspect of Italian excellence: the estate embodies beauty, elegance and the unmistakable taste of Tuscany.

All this contributes to creating the Rindi universe: an ideal and metaphysical place of exclusivity and dreams coming true.

The world without borders

Edo’s dream was to bring America to Italy.

Now Rindi is much more, it is Italy reaching the rest of the world.

Monica and Brunello, heirs of their father, succeeded in making the brand known to the foreign market: from Russia to Korea, from Europe to the Americas.

This contributes significantly to preserve the culture of Made in Italy abroad.

Rindi recounts Italy to those who have always dreamt of it.

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