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a brand, a family history


The history of Rindi begins in 1960’s with Edo Rindi, a visionary leading man, fascinated by the American world and its divas: he pionereed a new business model in the luxury industry for that times, bringing back to Italy from his trips in the U.S.A. the most glamourous furs worn by the iconic American Divas. Noble and upper middle-class ladies arrive to his workshop in Tuscany from all over Italy, only to discover which new garments the enterpreneur from Prato has in store for them. The next step of realizing his own fur collection, is the natural consequence of the love for the fine arts and beauty that always caractherized his life.


In the 1980’s Edo introduced his very first fur collection, based on the direct control of all processes, from the personal selection of top quality materials and skins, applying rigorous uncompromised quality checking trough all stages of production.

Thanks to the Italian manual abilities craftmanship combined with the creativity and the maniacal attention to sartorialist details, Rindi becomes well known in the middle and upper-class which required customized iconic styles to be shown as distinctive symbol of Italian fashion class.

Monica and Brunello

Afew years later, the heritage of the Rindi Collection passed in the hands of his sons: Monica and Brunello who spread the brand label Rindi across the borders, thanks to their incessant inspiring and innovative approach to the artisanal workmanship: the most experimental and disruptive leader generation was on the stage. 


Innovative fur workmanship combined with new shapes and extraordinary embellisments is the magic formula which let Rindi becomes an indiscussed iconic fur brand in Countries as Russia, Europe, Usa and South Korea.


The new collection has evident recalls to the origin and traditions, which transpire in every piece, from the finest pure cashmere knitwear to the magnificent fur garments: wearing “Rindi” means wearing a true symbol of exclusive luxury Made in Italy.