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Bespoke by Rindi America

Exclusive luxury
customized service

Rindi America is the latest Rindi project, consolidated in 2021 to respond to a need for a luxury, exclusive and personalized service aimed at customers in the United States.

Bespoke Service

A journey into luxury bespoke service door-to-door where you will be guided, thanks to a professional team flying to you directly from Italy – through the selection of the most refined materials for Italian high fashion overcoats and jackets, as well as pure cashmere garments embellished with distinctive details of the Rindi maison, conceived, designed and created exclusively for you.

    Rindi: the good Italian taste in the USA

    Thanks to Rindi America it’s now possible to access a personalized consultancy service with attention to the smallest details cured by the American Director Josephine Kathan who, thanks to her long experience, will be able to identify the Rindi special piece  who will enhance your figure making you unique.

    A special selection of Rindi garments made in Italy at your disposal, designed for the top.

      • Rindi Made in Italy

        Dreamed in the USA, realized in Italy and delivered directly to your home.

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